dimarts, 3 de desembre de 2013

RADICAL DADS. Creature Dads

Sota aquesta caràtula horrorosa ens arriba el darrer artefacte sonor dels Radical Dads, un trio resident a Brooklyn. Es tracta d'un single d'avançament del seu proper llarga durada. Segueixen en la línia d'anteriors treballs del grup, un rock amb melodia que no arriba a cansar mai. La veu femenina s'encarrega de donar aquest toc de suavitat que ho impregna tot. Esperam impacients el treball sencer.

As I’ve expressed before, we’re in a desperate need of more bands like Radical Dads. They are fun, unpredictable and a welcomed contrast to the dreamy/shoegaze-y state of current indie rock. Earlier this year, the band released their sophomore album Rapid Reality, a relentless, no-bullshit album filled with clever, straight-to-the point melodies. Their new single, “Creature Out” follows in a similar vein as the punchier, adrenaline-pumping tracks of Rapid Reality. Lindsay Baker sounds increasingly self-assured as the leadvocalist and the production sounds cleaner and fuller than anything they’ve released hitherto. For those of you who’ve been following the Brooklyn trio’s career, than let me assure you; this one-off single rank amongst their very best, and the same goes for the lovely B-side ,“Slammer”.(ifm)