dimarts, 24 de desembre de 2013

GINGERLYS. Summer Cramps

Presentam avui aquest nou single dels Gingerlys que es diu Summer Cramps i dues cares b. És un exercici perfecte de pop melòdic que us captivarà a la primera amb l'harmoniosa veu de na Maria.

Great music can cause both wanted and unwanted effects. When the inevitable earworm is playing in your head after hearing a brilliantly catchy song, it’s kind of wonderful. When it persists, and you find yourself sleeplessly wandering through madness at 2am, it’s not as wonderful.

Such is the issue with the new Gingerlys single “Summer Cramps,” and its two B-sides. It has been almost a full day now that I’ve had the ambient melodies and wordless refrains playing on repeat in my head. These are not songs teeming with complexity. These are songs stripped down to their purest intentions. Every instrument is played with a refined purpose, and an incredibly simple hook is constantly coming through either a synth line or understated lyrics.

The elements in the songs come together in a way that almost places them in juxtaposition; the calm, alluring vocals are complemented by the driving, energetic drums that propels them. The airy synth is put in place by the constant and crisp guitars. It’s a mash of ideas that come together in amazing coherence.

I feel a certain disclaimer should be issued with these two songs. If you like synth driven indie rock with nods to shoegaze and pop-punk, check it out. If you are afraid of music so catchy and well crafted that you will listen to it repeatedly and possibly have it stuck in your head for weeks, proceed with caution. But you’ll probably be doing yourself a favor by listening to it.
-Josh Aubin (Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen)