dijous, 9 de gener del 2014

WYLDLIFE. The Time Has Come to Rock & Roll

Encara que arribi un pic tard, no el podia deixar passar. Un disc de Rock & Roll amb la qualitat d'aquest no és fàcil de trobar avui. A alguna de les listes que pena la gent i que a mi no em van ni em vénen l'he trobat ben col·locat si això vos pot servir d'introducció. Un disc intens, d'aquests que transpuen suor i amb això crec que ja enteneu perfectament el contingut del treball. Si voleu un comentari més treballat el trobareu aquí abaix. Jo me pos a escoltar-lo novament!

The title is so apt for Wyldlife's debut album. It’s always time for rock and roll and these guys make sure to bring it to you. It’s hard to find this sort of fun, honest garage rock anymore. Everyone wants to be miserable or deep or angst-ridden. Why can’t we just have fun? That’s what I feel like these guys are asking now.
“The Right!” kicks off with a news broadcast-esque soundbyte - “At 10pm it’s time to party!” before launching right into the fun of this track. If you can keep your feet planted on the floor while the piano is just getting wrecked I have some bad news, you’re not human.
“Saturday Night” has a similar can’t-not-move vibe about it. I love this one, it’s about a girl who used to be living every day like it was Saturday night but has now become a total snorefest. It’s got a great beat and the guitar riff between the chorus is fantastic.
I’m sure we can all identify with “Wasted”. It definitely takes a backseat to the more upbeat previous two tracks. But it’s still a lively tune. I love the lyric “I’ve been drunk from the absence of stars”, it’s a sweet side to getting boozed.
That beat I was talking about before, it comes back in “Sonofabitch”. The crunchy distortion on the guitar is great as this song builds. David Feldman’s vocals are rock quality through and through.
“Guardian Angels” on the other hand is all about the music. The melody from the guitars as well as the undertones of the bass and the cheeky push and shove between the two is superb.
I found myself a little bored with “Trash”. A solid song with decent singing nonetheless but the oomph of the previous tracks didn’t find me. “Cowboys and Slutz” on the other hand would be fantastic live. I want to head bang but I’m writing this on a train and feel that may be inappropriate on public transport.
“Suspicion” is the token “Is She Cheating On Me?” song. This felt a bit more pop rock than garage. It’s not a crime, the song is naturally catchy, just not incredibly innovative.
“First Time’s the Worst” is wonderfully catchy too especially the way the lyrics and the tempo just roll right off. But if you pay attention the words are actually really tragic.
“Out On The Run” has a slower tempo, which does seem fitting for the conclusion of this album. But it’s not the best, there’s a hint of country (or is it western?).
Regardless of the last track these guys are a fun group from New York. They’re honest, they’re witty, and they’ve got my recommendation. http://www.theaureview.com