dilluns, 18 de novembre de 2013

THE MOAS. The Moas

The Moas vénen del Canadà encara que podrien venir perfectament de qualsevol país on el fred fos el protagonista però no precisament perquè la seva música sigui freda sinó precisamente per tot el contrari. La seva música es càlida en gran part gràcies a la veu de la seva cantant, na Sònia Dinkin. Tot i així en cap moment sona ingènua. Las cançons transcorren suaus i en acabar tens la sensació d'haver passat una estona agradable en companyia d'unes amistats entranyables.

There are times when the music leaps from your speakers and fills your ears with goosebump-inducing melodies. The first time that I listened to The Moas, it felt instantly familiar, yet refreshingly new. When you look back at the history of music, from The Beatles-led British invasion to Athens scene that produced REM to the Manchester scene championed by bands like Happy Mondays, there were always sections of the world that seemed to be the primary source of great music. Because music has become more global, bands seem to sprout from every corner of the Earth. To discover that The Moas are from Saskatoon doesn’t even surprise me at this point, even though they’re the first band that I’ve interviewed from that part of Canada. I stumbled upon them via Bandcamp, immediately fell in lust and then tracked them down, so that I could share them with the world. Meet The Moas. ( The dumbing of america)