dissabte, 2 de novembre de 2013

ALL DOG. Split tape w​/​slouch

Pop- punk des de Columbusamb un grup de al·lotes que aquest estiu han autoeditat aquest artefacte en format split tape. Enegia i melodia per arrodonir un bon grapat de peces que inclouen fins i tot una versió d'un tema dels Muffs. Interessant primer treball.

Not to be one of those people, but since when has it been possible to discover a band via the internet before they have released a single song? But because of Twitter, and a Youtube video of a live performance, some of my Brooklyn friends were excited about the Columbus, OH band well before the recent release of their split with Slouch (who as far as I can tell have no online presence period). The split is pop-punk done right, by which I mean bouncy indie-pop vocals over a cheerful garage-punk soundtrack. And All Dogs is stopping by Brooklyn on August 17th to play Silent Barn with the likes of Swearin’, P.S. Eliot, and Radiator Hospital, which is a pretty good argument against anyone longing for the good old days. @emilywherever