dimarts, 19 de novembre de 2013


Com sempre, els The Great American Novel end ofereixen una dosi  extraordinària de power pop musculós. Un grup que crea addicció a sa primera amb la seva base rítmica potent, les seves guitarres engrescadores i les seves melodies irresistibles. En línia amb els recordats The Replacements amb això queda dit tot.

"Somehow they’ve managed to capture that early pop sound, a sound that so many in the modern music scene have tried to revive. They captured the sound and they pushed it further, a feat in any genre." - Dingus

"I dig the sound that Layne Montgomery creates, and he seems to be having a lot of fun, even when he’s singing about heartbreak." - Music Defined

"Described in 5 words: Catchy, fun songs about stuff" - the 405

"Their raw Arctic Monkeys-meets-Beach Boys sound...[is] a testament that these guys need to be signed. This album can’t be missed; it’s filled with beautiful lyrics, catchy music that’ll bring back memories of favorite 60’s rock bands, and a stellar rhythm section that pushes that 60’s rock sound forward into the 21st century." - Cracked Vinyl