dimecres, 30 de desembre del 2015


La darrera entrada de l'any 2015 ens arriba de Glasgow i es diuen The Dirty Blonde i "Sugarmilk" és el seu segon treball. Escòcia sempre ha estat terra de bons grups i aquests en són un bon exemple. El seu estil musical el podriem definir com un encreuament entre els Teenage Fan Club i els Pavement. Dels primers agafen el màgic to de la melodia contagiosa i dels altres aquest tempo especial i un cert aire decadent de les peces. Un grup molt recomanable i que, tot i arribar a les meves orelles una mica tard, s'ha fet un petit lloc entre el millor d'aquest any que deixam enrera i que ha suposat la tornada d'aquest blog esperem  que per una llarga temporada.

Venturós any nou a tots els seguidors i ens seguirem veient al llarg del 2016!

From a neighbourhood in Glasgow, The Dirty Blonde carry on the tradition of making great guitar pop songs, while taking inspiration from the the likes of R.E.M. and DIY heroes Ween, an early exposure to Scotland’s folk scene, and twisting in elements of LemonheadsHusker Du and local heroes Teenage Fanclub. Also, reminiscent of the buzz gutiar heavy, sugar sweet indie rock of shoegazers like Swervedriver.

Take You Under‘, which was released as a single earlier this year, may sound like a staple indie dance floor filler, but it’s soon elevated by Danny Gallagher’s gravel-coated vocals allied to the beautifully constructed interplay between guitars, bass and drums.

Buzzin with musical energy from a young age, brothers Danny (lead vocals & guitar) and Paddy Gallagher (bass & vocals) along with Dean Canale (drums) and David Rybacki (guitar & vocals) were often kicked out of music classes at school, but refused to be discouraged as they experimented with a range of electronics, pedals and any other noise-making devices, as they attempted to push their sound to the limit.
The Dirty Blonde – Sugarmilk is a great album.  Full of energy, buzzin guitar, gravel vocals and sunshine smiles.  Sugarmilk is available via Two States Recording.(Buzzin Music)