dijous, 6 de març del 2014

SUNS OF THYME. Fortune, Shelter, Love and Cure

Des de Berlín ens arriben carregats de psicodèlia els Suns Of Thyme.

Suns of Thyme have built a harmonious bridge between the psychedelic rock of the ’60s and the dark excesses of indie rock of the ’80s and ’90s. Fortune, Shelter, Love And Cure may be not suitable for all rock and metal fans, but those who love Tame Impala and The Black Angels are guaranteed to get what they where looking for.
The heart of the project can be found within layered, endlessly inventive tracks like the Indian-sounding “We Got The Years Are Not Enough” and the catchy “Soma (God For Gods).” The hypnotic “One Song” and especially “Asato Maa,” in which singer Tobias Feltes’ voice sounds like a didgeridoo, are also representative for the rich variety to be found on Fortune, Shelter, Love And Cure.
It’s not easy to pin down Sun of the Thyme immediately to any one style. Shoegaze is paired with psychedelic pop, with some very dark atmospheric moments. The album is melancholic at times and the songs have a rather repetitive structure, but yet it remains lively.
Even when Fortune, Shelter, Love And Cure slows down and gets meditative, by the end, the listener is still taken on a roller coaster ride through so many different styles of music. Ultimately, the 40-minute musical journey here is almost too good to be true — especially for a debut. The record cover, by the way, was created by Lionel Williams, grandson of film composer John Williams.(something else!)