dimecres, 16 de març del 2016


Un plaer presentar-vos avui un grup de San Diego que practica un power pop de tota la vida i profundament addictiu que us farà moure els peus tant si voleu com si no. Un darrere s'altre, els set temes que formen part d'aquest treball entren a la primera i t'encisen de seguida. Així que deixau de perdre el temps llegint literatura musical i capbussau-vos al sur-punk-pop dels The Soaks. Venga!

OK, there's "garage rock" -- and then there's the sweaty, insulation-tearing, cigarette-butts-smoldering-on-the-floor, PBR-cans-strewn-about garage rock. On their just-released, seven-song "Loser" EP (via Postmark Records), the Soaks (comprised mainly of guitarist/vocalist Jordan Clark, bassist Jakob McWhinney and keyboardist Priscilla Castro) channel the reckless, anything-goes abandon of the Ramones or the Clash and the scrappy, pop-singalong melodies of bands like Best Coast and FIDLAR. While surf-punk bands are pretty much a dime a dozen these days, the Soaks tap into the grungiest and most authentic version of that whole concept while dishing out an earnest, self-deprecating and rather cynical commentary on love, life and all the bulls--- that goes along with it. Clark (who also plays bass in Mrs. Magician) seems to have had a rough go of the whole romance thing -- and while we feel for the guy, his misfortune makes for some absolutely killer rock tunes complete with hooks galore, vocal harmonies and delightfully acerbic lyrics: "Falling in Love" bursts open with lyrics like "I need a new relationship / Like a bullet to the head," and stand-out track "I Don't Need a Girlfriend" is literally about just that. It's not Shakespeare, but f---, even the ol' Bard himself occasionally romanticized about the foolish pointlessness of love back in the day. Just 'cause something's simple and to the point, doesn't make it any less profound. And to that end, "Loser" is a complete champion. (nbc san diego)