dijous, 6 de març del 2014

DETECTIVE AGENCY. Detectius Privats

Què fa un grup de Seattle  editant un disc amb el nom de "Detectius Privats"? No ho hen aconseguit esbrinar però el més important, la seva música sí que ens ha impactat. L'entrada de "My Ride" em va fer decidir a escoltar el treball sencer i la veritat és que no deceben en cap moment. Indie pop sense més pretensions que fer-nos passar uns moments ben entretenguts.

We first checked in with Seattle's Detective Agency early in 2012.  I have no idea whether the four members have acquired experience in finding your lost cat or identifying your lover's lover, but they continue to make highly addictive garage pop.  And that's the important thing after all.  You can always find another lover, perhaps even one who already has a cat.

Detective Agency has just released Detectius Privats, a five-track fuzzy, buzzing adrenaline rush that may not earn the group high marks in Latin class, but earns full credit and honors from the music faculty.  There is no filler, and there are no ballads.  This one is a racing machine ready for your favorite music player.(When you motor away)