dimarts, 4 de març del 2014

LOVE L.U.V. You Do Something / Lily Anne

Aquest sons garatgístics que tant ens agraden tornen una vegada més a una entrade dels nostres mons diminuts.

It feels good to be back! For my first post in what seems like eternity, I’ve decided to write about London pop group Love L.U.V.. Modern day 1960′s garage pop at it’s finest, ‘You Do Something’ is the track that caught my ear. It’s catchy, poppy, cool, I can’t help but tap my foot and bob my head to every second. Love L.U.V. are that dreamy band you imagine seeing in a small bar, that band that puts stars in your eyes and makes you fall in love. Well now thinking about it, their name seems quite fitting. @LeahDingus