dilluns, 10 de març del 2014


Des  de Londres, els ja podriem dir veterans The Wolfhounds han editat aquest nou 7" a principis d'enguany. Apte per a fans dels mítics Hüsker Dü. Força i ràbia a parts iguals.

Following a fistful of essential singles including THE ANTI-MIDAS TOUCH, CRUELTY and HAPPY SHOPPER, plus 1987 UK Indie Chart Top Ten album UNSEEN RIPPLES FROM A PEBBLE, and follow-up BRIGHT AND GUILTY in 1989, The Wolfhounds split in 1990.
Reforming for an anniversary show in 2005, the band have continued to gig their peculiarly English take on the art-punk of Sonic Youth and the controlled aggression of Bob Mould’s Sugar.
Fresh studio material finally surfaced in 2012 (the three track EP001) followed by singles CHEER UP and DIVIDE AND FALL (the latter of which featured in The Mouth Magazine’s end-of-year list of twenty essential tracks from 2013). This year will see The Wolfhounds’ next album emerge, likely to collect together those singles and assorted other recordings from the past 12 months.
The band’s 1986 debut CUT THE CAKE was a highlight of Cherry Red’s award-winning indie compilation SCARED TO GET HAPPY last year. The band opened the mini-festival celebrating the release, setting the bar high for the rest of the event, and frontman David Callahan featured in an edition of The Mouthcast recorded at the gig. Listen again,here.
Another interview with Callahan, from around November’s release of DIVIDE AND FALL, can be found here.
The Romford group’s spiky FEELING SO STRANGE AGAIN featured on the NME’s seminal C86 compilation. An expanded edition is in the works and will be released later this year. (The Machine Mouth)