divendres, 28 de març del 2014


Els Secret Motorbikes són de Glasgow i ens porten el seu garatge pop i com diu en LeahDingus són cançons perfectes per anar de copes amb alguna companyia interessant i després dir "quina nit més fantàstica". Els qui encara estau en aquesta edat ja sabeu de què us parlo. Una mica de pop rock ho acaba d'adobar tot.

Its songs like ‘All Over Again’ that make me smirk. When you  hear cheeky lyrics like “I don’t want to be your friend, I just wanna get some lovin’”, you can’t help but laugh to yourself. We’ve all been there, we’ve all done it or have had this done to us. Rum Punch is full of relatable songs that you can’t help but dance to. The Glasgow band make me yearn for shows full of rock bands with a pop edge that make your feet tap and your hips shake. Secret Motorbikes are the band you go our for a drink with, you get into some late night shenanigans and wake up smiling, thinking to yourself “what a great night that was”. These are songs for those nights, songs for ALL of those nights. @LeahDingus