dimarts, 18 de febrer del 2014


Els Surf Curse tornen a aparèixer per aquest blog amb un nou Ep editat a través de bandcamp. Surf rock en clau lo-fi com no podria ser d'altra manera amb el nom de presentació. Peces lluminoses amb la millor tradició de grups que com els Beach Boys es varen decantar per aquest estil d'imatges de platges californianes.

Forget the snow, Surf Curse is taking us straight to the California shores. Following up their well received debut full length, Budsthis six-track EP, Sad Boys, is campy surf rock at its best, complete with reworked refusals to interested ladies (“I’m Not Making Out With You”) and invites for late night beach escapades (“Beach Whatever”).
Surf rock is always more enjoyable when the music doesn’t take itself too seriously, when the fuzz and reverb can come blasting from your speakers, providing an escape into a world of fun. Sad Boys is a perfect pick me up, and even when the duo does explore their serious side it still comes packed with an energetic blast that will have you humming along (“Forever Dumb”). (The Grey States)