dilluns, 17 de febrer de 2014

HAYBABY. Superpresent.

Els Haybaby són de Brooklyn i practiquen una espècie de grunge pop interessant amb la veu de Leslie Hong present sempre al primer pla de totes les composicions. El contrast entre la seva ingenuïtat i la presencia d'un so de guitarres bastant brut dóna un cert atractiu a les composicions d'aquest Ep.

Haybaby’s newest EP SUPERPRESENT reinforces the band’s talent for mixing grungy guitar with sticky sweet girl/boy vocals into a sophisticated combination that’s addictive and complex. Along the lines of the Pixies, their girl/boy vocals shy away from cute, and their catchy hooks take on edgy pop-qualities reminiscent of Pavement. While every song of this 4-track EP are winners, “Weather King” particularly shines. The bass line is suppressive and teasy allowing the explosion of bright guitar and Zack Ellis’s animalistic shouts during the bridge to induce chills and goose pimples.(Pretext)