dilluns, 25 de març de 2013


Anam avui amb una entrada amb substància. Rock amb lletres majúscules amb certes dosis de garatge en un context com és el francés amb grans nombres dins aquest corrent musical. És un grup que va començar a funcionar el 2007 i aquest que us present avui és el seu primer Lp. Cançons directes i plenes de força, no aptes per a segons quins moments. A destacar "The basement" que podria figurar perfectament en cançoners dels Chesterfield Kings, els Kingsnakes, els Fixed Up, o qualsevol altre grup d'un cert prestigi en el món de garatge rock o la ràbia disparada de "Ajo i Agua".

Plymouth Fury is a loud and dirty project hitting the road since 2007, a maelstrom of noises coming from the basement inside the guts of Paris the grey . After their last release crumbling walls (2011 -fury prod) they are back with their first lp VAUDEVILLE, eight tracks of massive, rough and intense rock music.
Plymouth Fury, garage/rock, the band often likes to say they’re kind of a lookalike between the crazy “popiness” of the [ Dandy Warhols ], the “flying” guitars of the [ Black rebel Motorcycle Club ] and the old school version of the [ Black Keys ]. Their sound is mostly a cocktail of old fashioned guitars and old whisky jars, so it would be a mistake to compare them to other bands’ names…

The band could be sum up in two parts: ride the roads and craziness on stage. Bars, clubs, small or large stages, no matter where they play as long as they can burn the place down! Visuals speaking, the spirit of the seventies’ rock atmosphere is back: adrenaline and on stage power is what they aim for. The rest is about past experiences brought back to life.

Keep an open ear and an open mind for “Vaudeville” is a continuous listen that brings substances over substance. [ Plymouth Fury ] on one end is a more of a beautiful portrait the [ Dandy Warhols ] that’s been locked in their attic and with their newest album “Vaudeville” the band unleashes a blend of beautiful noises. And by that we mean a bit of pop, noise, garage, low-end prog / shoegaze with an indie edge surrounded by punk(ish) elements. And on the other hand if the punk and noise elements were to be replaced by acid feel you’ll probably be facing another BRMC. You might want to start with “Vaudeville” on this one but be sure to get them all.(The Sirens Sounds)