dimarts, 1 d’abril del 2014

THE GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL. Bushwick Nights​/​Anthem For Beer Cans

Els de The Great American Novel acaben de publicar un nou 7" amb dos temes fidels a la seva trajectoria, power pop contagiós. Aquí els teniu al preu que vulgueu.

The Great American Novel are one of those bands you just love to listen to and I’m trying to hold back my tears because this is their last release. Yes, the band I’ve come to love are calling it quits. But, lets not be sad, I’m sure this isn’t the last we’re hearing from that cute boy Layne Montgomery (I’m winking right now, you can’t see it but at least I know I’m doing it).  ’Bushwick Nights’ is set to be the anthem of late nights, early mornings and 4 am burger runs. This two track single sounds like the ending to Empire Records. You know, rooftop dancing with your friends after the best night of your life. Thats The Great American Novel and no, I’m not overselling it. Layne Montgomery, you are the man. [Free Download@LeahDingus