divendres, 4 d’abril del 2014


32 peces en un mateix disc només tenc record dels primers discs de Guided by Voices. Per aquest motiu el disc de Connections ja em va cridar s'atenció. Temes curts i directes d'un indie rock d'alta escola. El disc però no és tal ja que es tracta de tot el material editat pel grup al llarg del 2013. El seu debut "Private Airplane" el seu segon treball "Body Language" i encara un Ep que duia per nom "Tough City". En un any ja hi ha prou material i a més la qualitat no decau en cap moment. 

The Columbus lo-fi pop-rockers Connections had a very busy 2013. In addition to being named one of our 40 Best New Bands and taking their exhilarating live show on the road with fellow Ohio indie-rock greats the Breeders, they kicked out two spectacular LPs, Private Airplane and Body Language plus the Tough City EP — for my money, their crowning achievement thus far. A third full-length is already recorded and ready for mixing, but first, before the Connections catalog gets too unwieldy, the group’s significant discography thus far is being reissued as one massive compendium appropriately entitled Year One. It’s a handy starter kit for a band that specializes in bracing basement anthems crafted with pop precision but delivered with crackling rock ’n’ roll urgency. Stream the whole thing below.(Stereogum)