dimecres, 16 d’abril del 2014

HAILER. El Cósmico

"El Cósmico" és un treball d'un grup australià que es diu Hailer i amb una simple mirada ja vaig intuir de què anava el treball. Un altra disc d'americana vaig pensar, idò sí, un disc d'americana però molt interessant i amb una sèrie de grans temes que ens podrien recordar els millors moments dels Black Keys, sobretot a "Crucify the commodore" al meu entendre, la millor peça del disc. Americana "aussie", un cóctel que saben preparar perfectament aquesta genteta de les antípodes.

Hailer is a psychedelic rock band spawned from the innerwest of Sydney, Australia. Following the release of their highly-acclaimed 2013 album Another Way, the band toured the length of east coast Australia before continuing their journey to the USA. Hailer played over 40 shows in three months - from Florida all the way up to Boston, across to Chicago then down to New Orleans. From big cities to places you couldn’t find on the map, from venues holding over 3,000 to pizza joints and coffee shops… after all these shows it seems only a matter of time before they’re performing encores of Louie Louie with celebrity friends.
The tailwind of those gigs and highways blew them into the inland freak sanctuary of Austin, Texas, where EL COSMICO was recorded. It is a six track tale-of-tour mix tape, recorded and co-produced by Louie Lino (Nada Surf, Neko Case, All In A Golden Afternoon, The Wooden Birds). The music contains a raw, jangled-up energy that stems from serious time on the road. Weak coffee, sugary food, nutrient hits, lack of sleep, dust, smoke, beer, fumes and endless highways stretching out in front of the van.As Phil explains, “El Cosmico, or The Cosmic became our catchcry whilst on the last leg of the band’s 2013 US tour. Any spooky coincidence and slithery twist of fate was put down to the effects of El Cosmico. As we were driving back to Austin to play our final shows and record with Louie, we were confronted by the image seen on the album cover - a car by the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere, emblazoned with those now sacred words across the side panel. We most definitely saw this as a sign - we pulled our van to the side of the road, screamed "IT LIVES!", took the photo and there you have it - El Cosmico physically manifested, it chose us…” Sometimes sweet, cerebral, classic rock and stoned… other times noisy and unhinged. Stories, beats, melody, psychedelic rock and roll. It’s the soundtrack of an improbable and unexpected road trip.
Hailer is Phil (guitar & vox) Angus (bass & vox) Scott (drums). The songs of EL COSMICO are all moody – Cold Outside is a drifty pop jam, Crucify… is a wild dare, Digging Holes is radio-ready riff rock, Life Is Holy is classic rock Americana, Machinemusic is a synth-layered noise mantra and Symbol and Allegory is naked acoustic and piano twinkles. Dig in! EL COSMICO LIVES!(The unearthed)