dijous, 3 d’abril del 2014


Aquest grup de Nova York amb nom de jugador de bàsquet ha estat una de ses sorpreses dels darrers dies. Actitud punk sempre és sinònim de mala bava i de fer un poc allò que pot molestar a cert tipus d'orelles conservadores. Sempre és d'agraïr una actitud així davant la vida i ses empeses que ens dóna. Apareixeran de nou al recopilatori mensual i ja serà la segona vegada. I que duri!!

Earl Boykins started with Alex Antiuk and Noah London in January 2013. The two met at Purchase College and started a band through their shared love of punk rock and scuzzy, noisy rock ‘n’ roll. Taking their cues from bands like JEFF the Brotherhood, The Men, Neil Young, and Fucked Up, they began writing drunk-punk songs about life around the college experience. During the summer of 2013, Craig Vacek (Bass) and Alex Aitken (Drums) completed the line up and they released their first EP and toured the east coast.
This Spring, Earl Boykins are set to release their debut LP ‘FRIENDS’. The record was completed at Salvation Recording Co. in New Paltz, NY with Chris Daly (Summer People, Nelsonvillans, Porches). With this new LP, the band introduce a little maturity into the development of the songs, whilst retaining the same angst and aggression that got them playing together in the first place.(Music news nashville)