dissabte, 22 de febrer del 2014

ACTIVE BIRD COMMUNITY. Astrophobia​/​Eidolon

Rock de Nova York sense més presentacions. Bona qualitat.

Active Bird Community has the sound of a band that might hit you over the head if you mistakenly get too close to them. But their music is so inviting, you might end up in dangerous proximity for one of their electricity driven explosions. A word of advice: don't let their softer tracks like 'Eidolon''s crashing waves fool you (smooth as the song may sound), or the anthemic rise of latest track 'Mooncalf.' This is the calm before the storm of 'Astrophobia' or the relentless charge of 'Open Up.' This quartet does indeed mean business. I recommend listening to as much of this impossibly catchy band as possible, and with any luck... perhaps we'll get a full-length release out of them soon. Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)