dilluns, 2 de novembre del 2015


The Ocean Party és un grup australià relativament recent. En els seus tres anys d'existència han editat amb aquest darrer "Light Weight" cinc discs. Està clar que no perden el temps i, tot s'ha de dir, no per massa producció els seu nivell de qualitat baixa gens. El seu estil es podria definir com un pop de guitarres amb un cert regust jangle que els fan deliciosos. Temes a destacar d'aquest darrer treball podrien ser el que dóna nom al disc "Light Weight", "Guess work" i "Greedy".

The Ocean Party have long been lazily lumped in under the cringe-worthy 'dolewave' classification. Yet the Wagga-via-Melbourne band — while clearly constructing their compositions poolside, midday on a Tuesday with a can in hand — have always been far more lyrically precise and cheekily profound than their Centrelink-bound comrades.
Their newest album, Light Weight — their fifth effort in just three years, a work commitment also at odds with that genre label — finds the six-piece sounding sharper and more naturally synergised than ever before. It's a creative leap attributable to two key adjustments — the inclusion of a new song-writer (and bassist) Mark Rogers and this being their first studio-recorded LP, with producer John Lee (Lost Animal, Love of Diagrams) successfully merging the varied creative input of all six members into a logically cohesive flow.
Light Weight, with its further accentuation of the band's glowing warmth making it aptly suited for the impending summer months, perfectly walks the line between simplicity and lyrical richness, with enough details to ensure it lives on long after the complimentary weather turns. (Jonny Nail)