dimecres, 4 de novembre del 2015

DAME. Charm School

Els Dame són una banda de Philadelphia que practiquen un post-punk molt interessant. Els seus membres: Mike Quaranto - Band Leader, Drums Ron Dionisio - Sales Manager, Sax, Vocals Marcia Galambos - Lead Vocals Sal Zaffino - Guitar, Lead Vocals Steve Shelikoff - Bass Bill Nocella - Keyboards, Vocals Joe Krammer - Trumpet, vocals Izzy - Percussion, Vocals. No passaran a la història però el tema "Charm School" es mereix ser escoltat

This is outstanding. It’s funny how serious a lot of gothy post-punk bands seem to take themselves, but then end up writing boring music anyway. This is an exception because it’s simple but powerful; the songs are carefully thought out and sound like they actually mean something. There’s nothing worse than like 4 bars of “oooo-ay-o”s on the same riff, while singing about shadowy trees and bats or some shit. It also helps that it doesn’t feature Americans trying to do British accents (or any kind of accent) because that’s so dumb.
Anyway, I hate a lot of stuff but I LOVE Dame. Listen to this.