dilluns, 7 de març del 2016


Els Sheer Mag són els perfectes revivalistes del rock dels anys 70. Amb la força rítmica i les guitarres, sempre presents, en les composicions clàssiques. Ho demostren perfectament amb la perfecta recreació de "Nobody's Baby" un tema dels Thin Lizzy. Un nou Ep ben recomanable

Philly classic-rock revivalists Sheer Mag have released their new EP III today, and it picks up right where the last EP left off. This is a band that works on basically every level. The unapologetic fire-breathing of the classic-rock guitars, the righteous wail of singer Tina Halladay, the prizing of groove above all else — it’s all married to incredibly tight songcraft. “Can’t Stop Fighting” has a riff that will lodge itself in your brain for the next week, “Worth the Tears” is as close as they get to a ballad, tinges of soul coming through the crunchy exterior, and standout “Nobody’s Baby” is the best song Thin Lizzy never wrote: a fierce, punchy mission statement with a sing-along chorus and a shoulder-shaking groove. The whole EP is great, and you can stream it below, along with the new video for “Nobody’s Baby.” (brooklynvegan.com)