dilluns, 23 de juny del 2014

THE IRENES. James Baxter EP

For fans of: Yoko & The Oh No’s, Young Buffalo, The Thermals.

Chicago-based trio The Irenes have just released their new EP, and it’s fantastic! The EP kicks off with “Crying For Addiction,” a reflective track riddled with a stand-out bassline and steady percussion. Frontman Max Loebman waxes lyrical about things he dislikes about himself, moaning, “I am restless, I am senseless…in the depths of my mind.” As the song gets it’s groove, the outlook improves, with Loebman crooning hopefully, “I’m a loser, honey, loser…and I will make it out alright…” Next up is “Fortress of Solitude,” a dark track that embraces the blues, speaking of being “numb down to the bone” and being trapped inside an imprisoned mind.

Following “Fortress of Solitude” is the EP’s title track, “James Baxter.” Easily one of the most complex songs on the album, “James Baxter” entangles intricate melodies with complex, layered guitars and heavy reverb. The EP wraps up with “Rabbit Holes,” which starts off as raw and simplistic before diving into a heavier, nearly du-wop-esque tune. Loebman speaks of his worries about losing himself in a new relationship, crooning on about a “femme fatale” who enraptures his heart. It’s the perfect semi-quirky track to a solid album, and we can’t WAIT to hear more!
(Jam Spreader)