dilluns, 23 de juny del 2014

BEACH PIGS. Grom Warfare

Two adjectives that spring immediately to mind when feasting my ears upon the long awaited debut album from Auckland-based four-piece BEACH PIGS are fuzzy and jangly. And as cliched as it might be to say, there’s a definite debt owed to the forefathers of the Flying Nun Dunedin sound of yore, not that that’s a bad thing. At all.

Dahnu Graham’s vocals float in and out of bass and guitar melodic fuzzes, falsetto bf’s add the necessary sparkles to lift this from just another guitar-band album into something much more interesting and enthralling. This record is relentless, every song has been crafted quite perfectly to offer both immediate grabbing hooks and special sneaky surprises to be discovered repeated listens.

You’re at this party, right, and something funny / awesome / beautiful / special happens over and over again. It’s one of those parties that you’ve magically managed to keep your level of inebriation at that optimal level of never letting the buzz fade, yet never over-indulging to the point that you feel that you might need to have a lie down / spew. But, I dunno, your mate somehow convinces you to leave and head over to his friend’s place, and despite your reluctance and better judgement, you go along with it. And it’s inevitably shit. Usually, in this narrative you put up with the anticlimax and then complain, days later about leaving the party too early. But in an unexpected twist, you actually, instead, return to the aforementioned party, and it’s just as good, if not better than before, you hook up with a bunch of new friends and make some special connections. Well, that party is this album.

Highlights include the dreamy love song “You Again” the drifty and woozy portmanteau of “Big Peach”, the catchy-as-fuck “Catch Up” and the intensities of “333″ and “Mephedrone”.

Grom Warfare is going to be a party I come back to over and over again.