dimecres, 22 de gener de 2014


Des de Suècia arriba avui aquest primer treball dels Star Horse. Un treball de dream pop amb elements de shoegaze molt ben parit. Veus angelicals i una base renouera bastant convincent són les senyes d'identitat d'aquest nou grup. Hi ha gent que els compara amb els Jesus and Mary Chain i no van massa mal encaminats, tot i no tenir la força dels seus mestres, signen un primer treball molt interessant. Un grup a seguir. "Magic light" és la meva preferida.

It's nice to hear from a band who remind you that there's much more to Swedish music than just sleek indie-rock and aurally pleasing pop. Hailing from Stockholm, 4-piece group Star Horse ply their trade in that magnificent yet under appreciated genre known as shoegaze. Their third and most recent E.P, "Devour", is a great introduction to the band, and one which should become a firm favourite for fans of all things gaze.

All the important elements of the movement can be found across the E.Ps 4 tracks. Hushed vocals buried in the mix? Indeed. Lyrics which appear to have been chosen more for their rhythmic quality than for the meaning? Indeed. Guitars which have been distorted into dreamy soundscapes? Indeed, indeed, indeedio. In terms of a highlight of the E.P, you could do far worse than opening track "Hope To Feel A Hand", a track that harks back to the sound of My Bloody Valentine and Jesus & Mary Chain whilst incorporating electronic influences from some of the so-called "nu-gaze" bands of new. (The Metaphorical Boat)