dissabte, 29 de desembre del 2012


Originals de Savannah, Samuel Cooper i Brady Keehn són Sunglasses. Les seves composicions musicals mesclen diferents sensibilitats pop per formar cançons difícils de definir. Es un tipus de música semblant a la que fabriquen grups com Animal Collective i Panda Bear. Embolcalls de samples que donen pas a melodies captivants i ritmes hipnòtics. “Wildlife” és el seu primer treball en format llarg i d'entre totes les peces en vull destacar dues “Swim” i “Cold shoulder” que em varen impactar de seguida que les vaig sentir. Vos deix els dos vídeoclips i un enllaç de soundcloud per poder davallar “Cold Shoulder”

Sunglasses’ debut LP, Wildlife, is a winding collection of bright, eclectic journeys through the group’s unique sonic universe. The duo of singer/multi-instrumentalist Samuel Cooper and sound designer Brady Keehn use everything from acoustic guitars to iPhones, seamlessly blending analogue with digital to immersive, psychedelic effect. They first gained attention with the ingenious video for “Whiplash,” and Wildlife doubles down on that song’s promise with epic tone and artistic maturity. Album opener “Namesake” tells listeners to “hold on,” which is good advice at the beginning of a wild ride. Standout tracks like “Common Sense” and the furiously shifting “Blessing” push and pull in many different directions, as Sunglasses weaves between sun-drenched, Smile-inspired vibes and extensive detours into the lands of sound collage, synth pop, and hip-hop. With its crunchy drums and wailing guitars, album centerpiece “Swim” is cathartic wave of increasingly intense crescendos, while the titular track is a baroque excursion reminiscent of the Flaming Lips and Harry Nilsson. Each song has an underlying pop sensibility and an expansive quality that rewards repeat listens. Wildlife, by Sunglasses, is an excitingly creative debut.(mush records)