dimecres, 26 de desembre del 2012


Anam avui al Japó per fer referència a una recopilació que em va arribar a través del correu electrònic ja fa un temps. Es tracta de nou peces de grups que editen al segell japonès Ano(t)racks i que van des de l'indie pop, fins al twee-pop i alguna d'elles podríem dir que s'acosta al noise-pop. En general música que se deixa escoltar i grups, alguns d'ells, que prediuen un futur interessant. Podeu trobar un enllaç gratuït al "mirror" de Mediafire.

In this respect, Soon V.A. doesn’t disappoint, as it’s nine tracks from nine different artists.  I’ve never been to Japan, but listening to these tunes makes me imagine there is a very vibrant underground music scene going on somewhere.  I’d classify these songs, on the whole, as surf twee.  There are breathy vocals, jangly guitars, and sprightly rhythms to the gills.  A lot of the vocals are hard to make out, but I think they’re mostly in English.  The Paellas open things up with “Not So Sweet”, and predictably their contribution is one of the stand outs.  Twangy Twangy and Old Lacy Bed’s tracks are another two of my favorites.  But what the fuck do I know?  Choose your own.(http://beeronmyboatshoes.tumblr.com)