dijous, 8 de maig del 2014

FURROW. Dear Hunter

Des de San Diego aquest duet, Thom Snell & Richard Cartwright ens ofereixen dos temes que aniran inclosos en el seu primer 12' que publicaran el proper estiu. Noise pop lo-fi podria ser una definició del seu estil. Interessants sense matar. El seu segell Bleeding Gold Records és tota una garantia de qualitat. "Dear Hunter" la millor de les dues peces, amb un començament pausat i que va agafant connotacions a grups llegendaris com els mateixos The Fall. Un grup a seguir.

Buried deep in the corner of the internet lies a gleaming gem. I say gleaming, but really it’s a roughly cut, slightly grubby gem (in a good way) and it takes the form of ‘Dear Hunter’ by our new favourite band Furrow. The two piece specialise in creating ultra lo-fi noise pop that’s guaranteed to be the perfect antidote to any lagging house party, a bit like listening to The Fall through a blender full of margarita mix.
‘Dear Hunter’ is a full-on speaker rattler pulsing with jagged, fuzzy bass and window wrecking drums, all wrapped around a gloriously ramshackle pop hook. After numerous self released cassettes, Furrow have just completed a fresh EP, and if ‘Dear Hunter’ is anything to go by, it’s going to be pretty amazing.(Killer Ponytail)