dimecres, 16 d’abril de 2014


"Fear" és una d'aquelles cançons que a sa primera t'atrapen dins les seves xarxes a base de guitarres clares i tonades que no deixen de ressonar al teu cervell. "Life is elsewhere" no es queda enrere i totes dues juntes formen aquest 7" totalment recomable. No diguis que no t'hagi avisat.

“Miserablist pop” trio Heathers are back with a sophomore 7″ featuring singles, “Fear” and “Life Elsewhere”, out now on Death Party Records. The darkness of anxiety-filled insomnia gets a throttling-guitar and drum driven jam on A-side “Fear”, while the tender confessions that begin B-side “Life Is Elsewhere” are swallowed up and turned about in a burst of noise, the hushed professions from Michael Francis turning to screams. If you think these singles are great recorded just wait until you hear them live.(The Grey Estates)

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