dilluns, 6 de juny del 2016

POPINCOURT. A New Dimension To Modern Love

Jazzy mod Britpop is a genre that pops every now and then, with The Small Faces and The Style Council as the most familiar names. French musician Popincourttaps into the same source with his first full-length A New Dimension To Modern Love, an album that has written "happy sounding Summer holiday songs" all over it. Like most Frenchmen Popincourt has trouble properly pronouncing the "W" and the "S" in English, but it only adds to the charm of his songs. Plenty of radio-friendly tunes sit alongside more adventurous tracks.

The lead single I Found Out, the old school French pop songs The First Flower Of Spring and Happy Town, and the lazy lounge title track with Sixties inspired backing vocals- the latter two with the inevitable trumpet dropping by - will appeal to the latte loving crowd. The short instrumentals Improvisation / Part 1 and Part 2are mere interludes to appease to the musically adept listeners, who will dig the use of vintage keyboards. A New Dimension To Modern Love is an unashamedly mainstream album. Pop, jazz and a hint of blue-eyed soul all get their turn in the spotlights. popincourtmusic.com