dimarts, 24 de maig del 2016

WINE LIPS. Wine Lips

Darrerement ens arriben al mail  molts d'avisos de discs nous de garatge rock i com que és un dels gèneres més apreciats per nosaltres, els vos anam comentant un rere l'altre. Avui toca el torn a una banda de Toronto que es diu Wine Lips i que publicaren el passat abril un Ep homònim amb quatre temes plens de vitalitat controlada. Bons riffs i bon material per gaudir d'aquest tipus de música.

Toronto based rock group, Wine Lips, just released their self-titled EP full of smashing, high energy garage rock numbers. The EP is a burst of 4 lively tracks with quick tempos, gritty guitars, and powerful vocals. 

The first track off of the EP, “Slaves” begins with a brief ambient intro before quickly exploding into an unbelievably energetic opening riff that captures the listener’s attention and refuses to let it go. The short track isn’t even two minutes long, but it’s still quite the journey. This song is a burst of in-your-face energy, and urges the listener to fully embrace the chaotic nature of Wine Lips’ unique type of rock. 

“Out of Control” takes it a bit slower, with a moderately paced intro that establishes itself as the recurring theme throughout the track. While the song is highly repetitive, it remains interesting with edgy, yet expressive vocals that guide the listener through the music. Marked accents on the off beats of every chorus and the introduction of new themes tie it all together to further draw the listener in. A short instrumental interlude before the final repetition of the chorus features a subtle bass line underneath a psychedelic guitar solo, then picks it back up to the original theme of the music. 

The EP moves into “Dead Beat,” which similarly to “Slaves” is a quick burst of excitement. With its fast-paced guitar solos between the verses, unrelenting high tempos, and shouted vocals this number is reminiscent of the essence of classic punk rock and is sure to be a crowd pleaser at their next live show. 

The final track, “The Shakes” ends the EP on a high note with its catchy chorus and upbeat rhythms. Opening with a funky bass line, the song quickly builds into the verse which establishes the lively theme of the song right away. Keeping up the repetitive nature of the rest of the EP, the song subtly introduces brief solos and overtones that naturally fit into the music, and display Wine Lips’ creativity with their musicality. Another one that is sure to be a crowd pleaser, this song will easily get you singing along and dancing like a maniac.