dimecres, 7 de maig del 2014


Els Fireflies són de Chicago i la seva música no és gens estrident. Música relaxant perfecte per a migdiades de primavera. Uns sons clars, twee-pop en podríem dir. Les arrels de músiques dels anys 60 hi són ben presents. Un treball agradable d'escoltar.

”Hello, my name is Lisle and Fireflies is my “band.” I use quotations because I am the only person in the band. I grew up in the tundras of New England playing classical piano. I moved away to California to go to school and that’s how this whole thing got started. After I figured out a few chords, I bought a PortaStudio and started writing and recording songs; combining my love for simple, lo-fi recordings of the 1980s and 90s with my unrefined knowledge of classical structure and arrangement. I try to craft each song into a tiny snow-globe-sized universe you can curl up in and get lost for a little while.”
No one better than the artist himself to explain his music. My first contact wih Lisle and his project was back in 2008 when I reviewed the first long play he dropped: Goodnight Stars, Goodnight Moon. One long play and 2 EPs latter, In Dreams is released and all the passion for C86 and Sarah Records remains. Lisle delivers another collection of 12 lovely pop songs that could have been easily made in the 80s and we would never know it has just been recorded. Right on the second track he blesses us the indie-pop gem “A Chance Someday”, bringing light to ours memories Another Sunny Day, Field Mice, Razorcuts and any other fucking amazing jangle-pop band of that period. It’s incredible how it sounds so fresh. Keyboards by the end combined with xylophones are simply magical, leading to another great moment of this album, the piano-driven “Hiding Away”. The heart-beating arrangement building the riff at the beginning and the slow-paced atmosphere contributes to a relaxing yet shivering experience.
Without dropping the ball, Lisle hits hard again with “Fourth of July”, now with the help of a feminine touch to create vocal harmonies that are as amazing as some of best Ride moments. Once again, the keyboard plays a crucial role by the end prolonging the momentum. Although second part is not as strong as the first one due to being slower and a lot sadder, there are still some highlights to point out such as “Cartoons” and its sad break-up verses (I know it’s over now, but I don’t know how. I said that I loved you, but you just left and said goodbye“If I Tell You” and “September”. This is the kind of album where lyrics are essential to fully understanding the artist’s work, specially in this case where they seemed to be created for the 80′s youth.
As strange as it might sound, In Dreams is controversially sad and warm, evoking several feelings and emotions. Classic indie-pop can hardly get better than this.(The crystal lake)