dimarts, 5 de gener del 2016

MONOGRAMS. Downer (Single)

Llevat d'un Ep de l'any 2014 els Monograms no havien donat senyals de vida fins al passat desembre que varen presentar aquest avançament d'un Ep que publicaran a començaments del 2016 sense data definida encara. Segueixen en la línia dels seu primer treball, una mescla entre indie i new wave que entra a la primera. 

As is the evolution band formation in the 21st century, Monograms began as a guy (in this case, Ian Jacobs) and his laptop on a mattress somewhere. That resulted in the chimy, churning EP of indie pop called Fader that came out in June, 2014.

Jacobs has since befriended two dudes, the trio has a new EP coming in early 2016, and “Downer” is the first track released. Expectedly bigger and crunchier, it exposes how tight and punchy that earlier EP’s melodies really were. (cmj.com)