dijous, 21 de gener del 2016

BAKER ISLAND. Four Days In The Life Of The Auto​-​Icon

Els Baker Island són un grup de Newcastle que ja ha aparegut en altres moments per aquest blog i que ha proporcionat temes a algun dels recopilatoris antics. Ens ofereixen en aquesta ocasió un treball d'una senzillesa encisadora, tal com diuen els companys de narcmagazine "una col·lecció de cançons semi-espontànies". Quatre temes plens de guitarres pop amb una producció d'anar per casa però dotada d'un encant especial.

Newcastle five-piece Baker Island float on the poppier side of the North East’s music scene and the release of a cassette seems perfectly fitting for a band that has a very retro sound. The cassette is of their new EP, Four Days In The Life Of The Auto-Icon, a collection of semi-spontaneous songs, showing a side of the band with a gift for creating in the moment; leading to something very raw, fresh and exciting, and released on Monday 18th January.

Talented makers of lo-fi, fuzzy pop music; this four track collection is full of everything that makes this band such a wonderful listen. Off-kilter vocals, twinkly guitars and a simple but pulsating, bouncy rhythm section kick in through the first two tracks Write Home and Always, 1995. The quirky side of indie pop then gets a little quirkier, and it all gets edgier and just a smidgeon darker on the latter two tracks. A fuzzier, more low key vibe on Confessionary Ticket carries through for the twisted, psych influenced Allotment; which has a knowingly abstract and abrasive undercurrent, all carried off with an endearing charm evident throughout all four tracks.( narcmagazine.com)