dimecres, 24 de febrer del 2010

Te, pastes i altres al·lucinògens.

Track list:

  1. Lightning. Ultra Vivid Scene
  2. Movin' On Up. Primal Scream
  3. Pearl. Chapterhouse
  4. Get Over Yourself. Kitchens Of Distinction
  5. Open Up Your Mind (Let Me In). The Real People
  6. Phobia. Flowered Up
  7. Bang. Blur
  8. Pray. My Jealous God
  9. Right Now. Airhead
  10. A Love From Outer Space. Ar Kane
  11. Kinky Afro. Happy Mondays
  12. All I Want. Lightning Seeds
  13. This Is How It Feels. Inspiral Carpets
  14. Strings And Flowers. The Mock Turtles
  15. There She Goes. The La's
  16. Low Fi. Stereolab
  17. Breeze. Cranes
  18. Sunshine Smile. Adorable
  19. Never Seen A Star. Easy
  20. Suzanne. Moose For Love. Lush

Track list:
  1. All Over My Face. New Fast Automatic Daffodils
  2. Banjos In Bengal. Cygnet Ring
  3. Twisterella. Ride
  4. Shine On. The House Of Love
  5. Off Your Face. My Bloody Valentine
  6. World View Blue. The Blue Aeroplanes
  7. Strange Fruit. Catherine Wheel
  8. Godlike. The Dylans
  9. Colours And Shapes. Pale Saints
  10. Wish I Was Skinny. The Boo Radleys
  11. Box Set Go. The High
  12. Eyes Wide. Blind Mr. Jones
  13. Ocean Drive. The Telescopes
  14. This Is The One. The Stone Roses
  15. Pulling My Fingers Off. The Wendys
  16. Songs Of The Stage (Radio Edit). World Of Twist
  17. Fall Down (Like The Rain). The Mighty Lemon Drops
  18. Duel. Swervedriver
  19. Crimson. Revolver
  20. The Other Side. Galaxie 500