diumenge, 7 de febrer del 2016

FALL SEATTLE. Fall Seattle

Els Fall Seattle són: Evan MacDonald , Jack Erickson , William Campos  i Orsy Campos. Després de passar per diverses gravacions fetes a cases pròpies a la fi han pogut treure el seu primer artefacte gravat a un estudi com pertoca. Amb una cançó m'han enamorat, "New York", sempre m'han agradat aquestes peces de mig temps cantades amb una veu arriscadement sorollosa, com si la cançó es cridés. També m'han agradat les peces més "dream" com "Wanda Johnson" i "Time" i sobretot la meravellosa "Nothing you can hold on to" que podrien signar perfectament els Yo La Tengo, una preciosa cançó pop amb unes guitarres encisadores. Les peces millors acaben amb "All night". Si haguessin publicat un Ep, l'haguessim pogut catalogar de genial però hi ha temes que "sobren".

Fall Seattle is a four-piece rock band formed in 2012 in Reston, Virginia, USA. 

After spending over two years recording at friends' houses and family basements, the band is finally releasing their self-titled debut album. Expressing a love for krautrock bands such as Can, Faust, and Kraftwerk, as well as pop, post-hardcore, post-punk and noise acts, ‘Fall Seattle’ is a kaleidoscope of influences and tries on an array of genres for size. 

From the one-two snap of snare-in-to-wash of shoegaze-y melody that kicks off ‘Wanda Johnson’, to the dark jangle of the Cure-esque ‘Nothing You Can Hold On To’, via the Deerhunter meets Roy Orbison, aching balladry of ‘Boyhood’, Fall Seattle drink in some high watermarks of contemporary guitar music. 

There’s a youthful longing underpinning much of this debut album, with the instrumentation sometimes smashing up against, but more often complementing, Orsy Campos’ delicate, melodic vocal lines. The guitar playing recalls the twists and turns of modern jangle-heroes Real Estate, albeit processed via some kind of space-rock filter, not content with the suburban backyards of America, looking upwards and outwards in to the void for sonic resolution. (Bandcamp)