dijous, 29 d’agost de 2013


Seabright label their album Tomorrow on Bandcamp as “dream pop,” but don't hold that against them. The 13 song record, a DZ Tapes release, doesn't come close to the sterile dreariness that plagues that particular subgenre. Maybe because it jumps so frequently between influences, like J Dilla-inspired interludes, tropical shoegaze, and Animal Collective weirdo harmonies (yeah, my favourite parts are when psychedelic sampling surfaces from beneath the swamp). So many reference points usually threaten cohesion, but Seabright reconcile them all convincingly. Tomorrow is wrapped in a kaleidoscopic fog that lingers even in the spaces between tracks; despite sounding like many things at once, it's deeply personal, like we're hearing a catalogue of Seabright's musical images, radioed directly to our brain from their own neurotransmitters. When every other psyche band is shooting for the stars, Seabright seem perfectly content with inner space. (Chart Attack)