dilluns, 1 de juliol de 2013

OS DRONGOS.Greetings From Cuckoo Bay

This is the first Single/EP of this French group, and they should release soon their first album. The three tracks have a different approach but the band has a strong enough style to keep it coherent. To simplify the first track is Garage Pop, the second is Garage Rock Psychedelic and the third is Garage Pop Grunge Psychedelic. There's also a light South America color that mildly justify the name of the band and of the EP. :-)

The use of Garage in the tags is a bit exaggerated, it's Garage not much focused on noise and dirt but instead focus on some games with sound and a sort of Garage energetic and direct approach with a well balanced production, clear but not too clean. So it's not really Garage but some of its spirit is close to Garage, including the light Psychedelic touches that remind modern Garage frequent approach. Anyway even if it's not really Garage, I think it's an excellent EP that could enjoy fans of Garage.