dimarts, 11 de juny del 2013

PUPS. Pups

Des de Vancouver, unes al·lotes que segueixen les lliçons de les primeres Breeders. Pop rock o indie rock prou interessant.

Don’t try to Google PUPS just yet—unless you’re looking for canine info—since these ladies are still too new on the scene to have loads of online coverage. While Katie, Caitlin and Rose have been playing together for almost a year, they’re still in the process of making a name for themselves. Their Easter weekend album release party at the Astoria—where they will release a split tape with Movieland—will certainly help with that.
PUPS, formerly Puppies, may be newly formed, but they’re no strangers to band life. Katie used to play with Bad Fate and more recently with Diane. Rose, PUPS’ most seasoned member, has played with the likes of Vancouver’s Brave Irene, Bleating Hearts, and Jay Arner, among others. And while this is Caitlin’s first formal gig, she’s been practising for years.
PUPS has given both Katie and Rose a change to branch out a bit. “Katie also plays guitar in Diane,” Rose says. “It’s a little heavier than PUPS so it is a nice opportunity for her to exercise her full shred potential. She’s such a good guitar player.” Similarly, Rose has been given the opportunity to delve into drumming, a passion she developed while playing with Jay Arner for the past year. She’s mostly played guitar with other bands, but PUPS has allowed her to flex her percussion muscle. “I love the challenge of the freedom that I have in PUPS,” she says.
These three gals were friends first, and their chemistry comes through in their music. Caitlin and Katie had talked about forming a band for some time, and the addition of Rose and her drumming skills rounded out the group. “I was really excited to play with Katie,” said Rose. “I had no idea what we would sound like, but I loved the idea of playing music with [both of] them since we were all buddies.” Their sweet, energetic garage pop and well-rehearsed harmonies are easy to love—check them out as soon as you can.(beatroute.com)