dimarts, 11 de juny de 2013


Des d'Australia ens arriba aquest primer Ep dels Psychotic Teenage Supermodels. Una espècie de rock psicodèlic prou interessant.

In typical Perth style I've been trying my hand at a few new creative ventures lately. One is filming video clips, which means I've both acquired a sturdy cardigan and started thinking of all music I hear in terms of its Rage counterpart.For local off-centre pop-rock beauties Sugarpuss we open with a car-load of handsome men - I'll cast the band themselves as they're all bonafide lovelies - redheads and blondes in the front, brunettes in the back, listening to the opening track of their 'Psychotic Teenage Supermodels' EP at full volume with everyone joining in for the “la la la la laaaa!"s.Along with "Falling Outta Love”, every track on band's first offering is bursting with hooks and solid pop moments, while somehow still feeling pretty fricken strange and fun, with singer Jake Webb's voice sluicing through everything to make an otherwise great EP actually outstanding. The dreamy “Masquerade” brings in the psych of 'Psychotic', and for that I have occasional Perth bro-cal Melody Prochet in mind as the love interest. Our favourite track so far though is - “Insomnia”. And yes, I'm planning to cast James Franco in at least one of the clips too, cardigan and all…