dimecres, 3 d’abril de 2013

SALAD BOYS. Salad boys

Els primers acords d'"Eighteen forty four" me duen venut aquests darrers dies. Els neozelandesos Salad Boys segueixen el cami marcat per bandes com The Chills treballant de manera genial un pop rock de baixa intensitat i molta emotivitat. Les guitarres ocupen un primer pla en tota la seva obra i els riffs de la majoria de peces són d'aquells que et marquen profundament. Una de les "entrades del mes" sense cap dubte, un plat deliciós cuinat a NZ.

Christchurch's Salad Boys are members of a music collective called Melted Ice Cream.  The collective includes a number of bands and all of the members of Salad Boys appear to play in some of the other projects in various combinations.  However, the reason that this band attracted my attention first should be clear to any regular reader here after the first few bars of "Dream Date" -- these guys have the south island New Zealand sound down.  Sure, their version has some personal quirks, and I think I hear some similarities to NZ band Surf City as well, but it all sounds fresh and great.  And for a young three-piece, the performances are assured and the sound is full.(When you motor away)