dimecres, 3 d’abril de 2013

PUEBLO PEOPLE. The first four moons

Aquests italians  facturen una indie rock bastant potent sense arribar als límits del grunge però amb una força que feia estona no escoltàvem. Aquest és el seu primer treball i ens ha sorprès prou. Vos deixam el seu enllaç al bandcamp ja que ofereixen el seu treball de forma gratuïta. Una bona manera de començar un camí nou.

Pueblo People are a three piece band from Italy who formed in late 2012.  Pueblo People is a new project featuring people from Agatha and Vulturum.  Pueblo People play a great style of dark and moody garage rock/indie rock.  The First Four Moons is the band's debut four song EP which was self released by the band on February 22, 2013.  Pueblo People give nods to bands such as 13th Floor Elevators, Neil Young and Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds to more contemporary dark garage/indie rock bands such as Pygmy Lush, Tideland, and Passing Phases.  Overall, these four songs are dark, fuzzed out, jangly, bordering on being almost psychedelic.  Overall First Four Moons makes for a refreshing listen.  Great stuff.  Enjoy! (The elementary revolt)