dimecres, 24 d’abril de 2013

MENACE BEACH.Too Pure Singles Club Double A Side

New year, new Too Pure Singles Club – twelve 7″s in a number of colours hitting the hall doormat throughout the year. With the advent of mp3s you don’t even need to play them as you’re emailed virtual copies too; keep them pristine for your heirs! Sell them for vast profits and buy a small island! The choice is yours …

Two slices of quality garage rock here on the follow up to last year’s Dream Out ep, by this agglomeration of members of the likes of Hookworms, Sky Larkin & You Animals. The baby blue vinyl belies the fully adult nature of the sound they’ve managed to come up with on a work that makes you wonder what they could get up to if they concentrated on this project full time.

America rather than the UK is the spiritual home of the music on the double A-side – ‘Drop Out’ instantly bringing The Dandy Warhols to mind (they’d be lucky to produce anything this good again themselves) whilst ‘Tastes Like Medicine’ will sit well with all right thinking fans of Dinosaur Jr. (Kenny McMurtrie)