dissabte, 27 d’abril de 2013

COLD FRONTS. Pretty American + Singles

Raw, fun and DIY are the three terms that come to mind when first listening to Cold Fronts. The Philadelphia quartet gives an indication that they’re playing music they love for the right reasons. Therefore, the following statement describing the band from vocalist Craig Almquist seems quite fitting: “[Cold Fronts is] a group of All-American boys who don’t really fit with todays digital era of dub-step, loops, and MacBooks onstage. Instead, we play loud instruments and make girls go wild.” That last part is probably accurate as well.
If there’s one thing for certain about Cold Fronts, it’s that they have a knack for writing hooks. The garage rock band’s latest release Pretty American, is full of them. The guitar driven “Heart Attack”, courtesy of Almquist and guitarist Shaky Jake, shows their characteristic warm tones which flow all the way through the upbeat track. Complementing this is the organic range and nature of Almquist and the steady drums of Alex Smith. The work of Smith travels through the EP consistently, keeping the beat to a well written and thought out 16 minutes.
“Ready To Go” turns the catchiness up a notch as Almquist sings, “I’m leaving and I’m ready to go,” in reference to nostalgia for Philadelphia whilst living in Brooklyn. Amongst unique riffs, the song also explores relatable topics such as friendships and relationships. Relatable concepts continue in “Strange Architecture,” and although I adore rain and winter and therefore can’t totally relate like most, I particularly like opening line, “Well I say fuck the rain / let’s forget the weather / and let’s get together ‘cause I need a change.” It’s a good thing I like it too, because Cold Fronts’ ability to write catchy tracks means this has been swirling around in that head of mine for a few days.
Pace is slowed down with “Prime Time” to show the dynamic ability of the band, but closer “Catch” brings back the memorable, riff driven Cold Fronts we’re familiar with. Whilst these are two solid tracks, I find them a little weaker and less catchy in comparison to those before them. However, that’s not to say they’re bad in any way.
Despite not being my usual genre of choice, I have been completely won over by Cold Fronts and will certainly keep returning to this new discovery. I guess they do make girls go a little wild. (Halley Hill)